Legal Design – Pesquisa Outubro de 2020 – English – Download

What does that mean

Design means the conception of a product or service regarding its physical form and functionality.

If one of its features is to be functional,
the application of design techniques in documents
must meet the needs that led to its creation.

What is user experience?

User Experience covers all aspects of the end user’s interaction with an organization, its services and products.

To understand the users’ interaction with design elements, it is necessary to understand how users behave and what triggers their different reactions. This can be investigated through research.

Bits Academy carried out this research to understand how users interact with legal documents.

What is Legal Design?

Legal design consists of applying design and user experience principles to legal services and products. This means documents, which are a product from such legal services, need to be created under such principles.

Legal design emerges as a branch of information design, an older field of study that focuses on organizing data for efficient and effective transmission to people. The idea is to develop easy-to-read documents that are quickly and correctly understood so that they result in concrete actions.