Legal Design documents perform better

It is hard to understand a legal document. Therefore, we apply legal design to generate more sales, increase customer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score – NPS), eliminate bureaucracy, avoid default and increase user experience.

What is Legal Design?

This technique focuses on the creation of legal documents by using principles of design and user experience. In this way, users of legal documents are able to understand the final document and, therefore, such document is able to serve its real purpose: doing business.


The process begins with design thinking to check who are the users of that document (mapping who interacts with the document), what problems they face with it and the end goal of that document. After this stage, we change the language used in the document and insert graphic and visual features (visualization) that help understanding the content of the document.


It is not enough to insert design features and think about the user if the document does not follow legal requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to features will comply with the Law. Our team knows what is allowed by law and, therefore, we are able to create legally valid documents using legal design techniques.

User Experience

Any graphic or design feature used in the document undergoes an user experience analysis (UX). We analyze how such feature may or may not affect the way a user interprets or reads a document. In order to be able to understand this, we do constant research to map user behavior.

More business

Better documents increase sales, shorten the sales cycle, increase customer satisfaction and improve internal processes. Talk to one of our legal designers to understand how we can help you.