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What we do

Marketing Funnel

Each stage of the marketing funnel requires a specific strategy to convince a person to buy your product or service. We design this strategy for you and apply it.

Marketing Funnel

Top of Funnel (ToFu)

In this stage, we apply strategies focused on bringing new people to know your organization and your product or service. The goal is to create potential buyers (leads). Improvement of website, creating landing pages, creating blog content, Ads, SEO are some of the strategies of this stage.

Middle of Funnel (MoFu)

In this stage, we offer as much information as possible so that the lead can make its purchase decision (lead nutrition). Mailing campaigns, inbound marketing and some mental triggers are part of the strategies applied at this stage.

Base of Funnel (BoFu)

After we qualified the leads and they received all information to reach an informed decision, we deploy a strategy to convert these leads into customers. This is when we enter into the sales field.